TechNet Leaders is a technology development organization that empowers underserved youths to provide the latest Technology support and leadership in their villages, supporting their academic and career success.

As a human being it is our duty to respect and encourage youths. Therefore, we are encourage you to take part in our worthy cause to empower & strengthen helpless, rural and voiceless youths.

Our Vision:
To build up a resourceful Information Technology Community (where everyone has equal access to basic to advanced Information Technology).

Our Mission:

  • Raise awareness and understanding among the communities of the importance and the role of IT in the modern times and ahead.
  • Introduce and improve the latest IT knowledge and technology among communities.
  • Build and strengthen capacity of local communities for their IT challenges.
  • Raise awareness and understanding among the remote area community members of the causes for poverty and unemployment and create link and access to job market to find job in commensuration with the qualifications and experience in IT and others.